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Tess Clark is a multidisciplinary artist and musician from Grand Rapids, MI. Her work encompasses painting, video, installation, sound, and performance art. 

(b. 2001) Tess is a recent graduate of Grand Valley State University, holding a BFA in studio art. She dedicated much of her college career to painting while exploring contemporary mediums through her visual studies major. This combination of disciplines has allowed Tess to develop a unique practice that births immersive experiences. In her most recent exhibition, Effervescent in A Flat Minor, Tess showed three large scale oil paintings complemented with a video projection and fabric installation. The exhibition also included a live ambient performance piece. True Journey is Return, Tess’ solo show of spring 2023, included similar elements. 

Situated in the realm between pop culture, contemporary art, and the natural world, Tess uses intuitive sensibilities to communicate a tender otherworldliness in visual and musical language.​ As she explores shifting perspectives in our natural environment, familiar sentiments are realized through the viewer's own experiences. The vibrant, sultry colors that interweave through Tess’ imaginative landscape paintings awaken the same contemplations on nature’s life cycles that her video installations do, or her music. 

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